Software Features

Feature V130 BritishDiag Offline activated version V134 Offline activated version V138 BritishDiag Offline activated version
Full offline Diagnostic capability
Module firmwares downloaded and secured offline for programming
Programming keys and trasponders Our version allows key programming all offline without a need for subscriptions Dealer subscription required at £650 P/A Dealer subscription required at £650 P/A
IDS Legacy tools with offline access for Pre 2005 Jaguars IDS Tools is available offline
Offline access to JLR service bulletins during diagnostics All TSBs to help with diagnostics is available without a subscription Requires a TOPIX subscription to JLR at £650 P/A All TSBs to help with diagnostics are available without a subscription
Proven offline stability during diagnostics and programming
JLR years covered 1998 - 08/2012 2005 - 06/2014 2005 - 06/2014
Please note this software is extremely powerful and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is capable of corrupting your ECU. Great care should be taken when programming modules and it is only advisable if you have experience in such areas.